High-End Website Monitoring Solutions – Benefits and Drawbacks

Imobile_mobile_application_monitoringf you were to compare the requirements of modern websites with those from a decade ago, you’d be surprised how user demands have increased. As the demand for more technology and complex interfaces increase, the need for an effective monitoring solution also enhances. While there are many free website monitoring tools capable of determining the uptime and availability of a Web server (known as low-end monitoring), these solutions are extremely narrow in its abilities. If you wish to have detailed insights regarding the functionality of the website and enterprise components, as well as information regarding user activity/behavior, then you must seek out a high-end website monitoring solution. Also referred to as active/passive monitoring, these solutions provide in-depth monitoring capabilities.

Benefits of High-End Website Monitoring Software

While there are almost countless variations to website infrastructure and deployment, there are several universal monitoring metrics that all enterprises must utilize. These metrics consist of monitoring performance and stability elements, as well as end-user experiences and behavior. Some of the most notable benefits associated with the implementation of high-end website monitoring software include:

  • End-User Experience – While it’s possible to replicate the experience had by end-users through synthetic monitoring, the only way to be certain your website and all its included elements are performing as they should is by implementing a monitoring solution capable of detailing end-user experiences. Through the use of real browser monitoring technology, high-end solutions report not only website performance statistics for real users, but also the functionality and behavior unique elements, such as third party content.
  • Streamlined Reports – In order to truly benefit from a monitoring solution, you must be given detailed reports capable of spotting trends and common errors throughout the various levels of your enterprise. Due the vast amount of data it takes to understand these (and other) elements of an enterprise, high-end monitoring solutions are vital as they offer detailed insights by the delivery of visual and context-based reports. These reports are the most effective way of discovering errors and performance leaks within a website and its included elements.
  • Global Website Monitoring – Being able to monitor the functionality and performance of your website at locations throughout the world is imperative to ensure its quality is not diminished based upon a geographic location. There are a number of monitoring solutions that allow customers to use multiple data points from around the world such as Pingdom, Uptime-Pal, and NewRelic.  As the connectivity of the world deepens, your potential audience moves from a local customer base to a worldwide user base. Therefore, it’s imperative that you understand the performance of your website at various points throughout the world. The most effective high-end monitoring solutions are those capable of delivering performance reports from various points throughout the world.
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